Business Consultancy

Currently, HDS provides customers with a variety of business consulting services from business preparation, business establishment to legal issues related to business operations. Special:

Legal advice to prepare to establish a business

  • Consulting on building agreements of shareholders and members related to the establishment of enterprises;
  • Consulting on building the Charter, Operational Regulations of the Board of Directors and the General Director;
  • Representatives work with the parties.

Consulting on business establishment and change of business registration contents

  • Answer basic legal issues related to business establishment such as: Company name, head office address, charter capital, industry, legal representative...;
  • Drafting dossiers and submitting them to competent state agencies in accordance with law;
  • Drafting internal documents for enterprise establishment, business registration change;
  • Representative to carry out administrative procedures at competent state agencies.

Contract consulting

  • Consulting on drafting commercial contracts, labor contracts, business cooperation contracts...;
  • Check the legality of the Contract;
  • Support contract negotiation;
  • Consulting on building Model Contracts and registering with state agencies in accordance with the law.

Regular legal advice for businesses

To be able to operate effectively, businesses need to well control legal risks arising in the process of operation. While large enterprises build a legal team with good lawyers to support this activity, small and medium enterprises choose to use the regular consulting services of law firms. Understanding these issues, HDS Law Firm provides regular consulting services to corporate clients.

HDS's regular legal consulting service will support businesses to quickly and promptly resolve potential risks or ongoing disputes with flexible fees, suitable to the financial capabilities of all clients enterprise.

After signing an ordinary legal consultancy contract, the Client can send a request for consultation, request to perform work within the scope of the Contract at any time.

When Customers use regular legal consulting services of HDS, we will perform the following tasks:

  • Check and review legal issues in the enterprise to predict, prevent and limit risks;
  • Adjusting and amending the Contract system and documents related to the process of signing and performing the contract, providing the Model Contract;
  • Consulting, drafting and guiding the implementation of necessary administrative procedures for business activities;
  • Consulting business and investment plans for enterprises;
  • Consulting on issues of internal corporate governance;
  • Consulting, mediation of internal disputes of the Company, disputes with customers and partners.

Typical Customers

  • International Network Development Department - VNPT Net Corporation;
  • Electric Power University;
  • Omega Media Worldwide;
  • Gaia International Education Development Joint Stock Company;
  • Vietnergy Company Limited.

Intellectual Property

HDS Law Firm (“HDS”) is an Intellectual Property Representative Organization in Vietnam with IP representative number 263 recognized by the National Office of Intellectual Property to operate under Decision No. 3853/QD– IP 2020.

HDS's Vietnamese brand protection consulting service is an activity that provides high-quality legal services related to:

Establish intellectual property rights of the following subjects:

  • Register for copyright
  • Register for mark protection and brand identity
  • Register for protection of collective marks and certification marks
  • Register for protection of geographical indications

Assigning intellectual property rights:

  • Transfer of mark registration applications;
  • Transfer of mark ownership;
  • Transfer of the right to use (license) the mark.

Handling of violations:

  • File a trademark complaint or objection;
  • Proposal to cancel the protection title;
  • Proposal to terminate the validity of the protection title.

International mark registration:

  • File an application for international registration of a mark of Vietnamese origin under the Madrid System;
  • International application conversion.

Other procedures related to protection applications and protection titles:

  • Amendment of mark registration applications;
  • Amendment of mark protection title;
  • Amendment of content/renewal/termination of mark license contract;
  • Separation of mark registration applications;
  • Extension of validity of the protection title;
  • Issuance of copies/re-issuance of protection titles;
  • Issuance of a copy/re-issuance of the certificate of registration of the trademark license contract;
  • Request for invalidation of a protection title (due to a declaration by the title holder to give up industrial property rights).

HDS's goal when providing legal services on Intellectual Property is to build a comprehensive and professional set of services providing strategic solutions on IP issues. HDS not only provides services with high legal value but also always close to reality, ensuring maximum efficiency for customers' business activities.

Typical Customers:

  • Omega Media Worldwide;
  • Dontra Educate and Service Joint Stock Company;
  • Sapon Group.

Investment Consultancy

Investment consulting services are consulting activities on the investment field in general as well as specific terms, laws and policies related to each field.

Using investment consulting services will help investors survey and probe the market they want to invest in; forecast on feasibility of projects, works, profitability and possible risks so that investors can make the best choice and decision.

If you are wondering about the legal regulations on foreign investment in Vietnam, HDS Law Firm will accompany you to solve the problems quickly and effectively.

HDS Law Firm is a professional consulting unit providing domestic and foreign investment consulting services with a team of lawyers with more than 15 years of investment legal consulting experience. HDS understands customs, practices, trading habits and has experience in investment consulting in many provinces of Vietnam.

HDS provides investment consulting services throughout Vietnam, especially in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or in provinces with many large industrial parks across the country. countries such as Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Hai Phong, Vinh Phuc, Binh Duong,...

When Customers use HDS's investment consulting services, we will:

  • Consulting for investors from the stage of market research: Finding and selecting investment cooperation partners.
  • Analysis and selection of areas, regions and localities to implement investment projects;
  • Investment consulting, investment incentives.
  • Advice on choosing the right investment form;
  • Advising on investment registration procedures;
  • Advising on the implementation of procedures for changing the Investment Registration Certificate;
  • Advising on procedures for terminating investment projects.

Typical Customers:

  • Ermenegildo Zegna Vietnam Limited Liability Company;
  • Korea Vietnam Company Limited

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

HDS's M&A consulting service helps customers (buyers or sellers) find suitable partners, connect buyers and sellers in the spirit of mutual benefits.

HDS provides a full package of services for sellers or buyers from planning the transaction structure, identifying the target buyer or seller, due diligence (DD), valuation, sales negotiation and support. necessary legal procedures to ensure a successful transaction.


  • Advising and supporting investors to choose target businesses/projects (for the buyer) or shareholders, strategic partners (for the seller);
  • Consulting on making legal and financial appraisal reports of target enterprises/projects;
  • Consulting and making analysis reports of business plans/investment projects;
  • Advising on M&A methods in accordance with the law;
  • Consulting, assisting in the development and implementation of the Offering Plan (for the seller) and the Plan for the acquisition (for the buyer) on the basis of assessment and analysis of information on policies, laws and the market;
  • Consulting, supporting to determine the value of businesses and assets participating in M&A;
  • Consulting, assisting in contract negotiation, M&A agreement (enterprise purchase and sale contract, share transfer contract, capital contribution in the enterprise; business asset purchase and sale contract);
  • Consulting and supporting legal procedures in conducting M&A;
  • Consulting on restructuring, rearranging and implementing activities of post-M&A enterprises
  • Consulting on financial obligations and other legal procedures related to the M&A deal.

Typical Customers:

  • Homefarm International Joint Stock Company

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution practices have been widely recognized by our clients for their expertise. Customers ask HDS for advice when meeting complicated commercial business legal disputes.

HDS's team of experienced lawyers is committed to providing optimal legal solutions and acting conscientiously and legally to protect the interests of clients.

HDS dispute resolution consulting services will:

  • Analyze business and commercial dispute settlement plans;
  • Representing clients in the negotiation phase to resolve disputes during the mediation phase;
  • Representing clients to participate in court proceedings, commercial arbitration;
  • Representing clients in the Judgment Execution phase, enforcing Court judgments/Decisions.

Typical Customers:

  • Vinh Phuc Province Tax Department;
  • U - Mac Vietnam Company Limited